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Do I need to use End Seal?

Background... There has been much written and debated in online forums around whether or not it is necessary to use an End Seal product with your treated timber. Unfortunately, a lot of this debate is based on out-dated, or just plain inaccurate information. Let's...

Why Pay More for Treated Timber?

Everyone knows that you get the price when you get your products from as close to the source as possible. That's what trade accounts are all about, right? So why would you buy your timber pre-treated from the big vendors when you can buy untreated timber and have it...

Why Treat Timber?

From the moment your timber is cut, it is exposed to a number of attacks. Externally used timber is most seriously affected, being targeted by wood eating insects and fungi alike. For these applications, a "Use Class" of either 3 (for external, above ground) or 4...

Glenavon Timber Services is the premier dedicated timber treatment centre in the south-west. 

At our Keynsham plant, commissioned in January 1995, we offer the highest quality pressure treatment and double-vacuum treatment available using the latest approved chemicals on the market. We provide services to industry and domestic customers alike, and we’re able to process your timber in around 48 hours. Whether you’re a timber importer looking to have a large throughput of timber packs on a regular basis, or a local joinery requiring ad-hoc service, we can accommodate your business requirements.

We can provide guidance on the best treatment product for your end-use requirements, and optionally provide you with treatment certificates to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels.

Our plant in Keynsham on the outskirts of Bristol has easy access by dual-carriageway to the M4, M5 and the Bristol ring road.