Double Vacuum Treatment

For joinery etc.


For joinery, and other non ground contact uses, Double Vacuum treatment provides the best possible treatment for your timber, without the green colouring of pressure treatment, and with reduced effects of dimensional change from the treatment process.


Technical Product Information

Wolsit KD-20C

Glenavon Timber Treatment use the Wolman Wolsit KD-20C chemical for VacVac treatment.

Wolsit® KD-20 is a highly effective solvent- and metal-free product line for use in low pressure, double vacuum processes. The unparalleled formulation of active ingredients with a long track record is resistant to leaching and provides long-lasting protection against wood-destroying fungi and insects. The wetting and dimensional problems often associated with water-based products have been virtually eliminated. Wolsit® KD-20 treated timber dries rapidly within close dimensional tolerances. The timber can be used quickly after treatment for any above-ground application e.g. constructional timber, roof trusses or joinery. These properties make Wolsit® KD-20 a reliable alternative to solvent-based products, offering safe handling and less pollution of the environment.

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Information Packs

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WPA Timber Treatment Guide

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