Pressure Treatment

For external use and long lasting protection.


For external timber uses, Pressure Treatment provides the best possible protection for your timber. Timber is treated with  the Wolman Wolmanit CX-8 chemical, using a combination of vacuum and high pressure impregnation.

Technical Product Information

Glenavon Timber treatment use Wolman Wolmanit CX-8 as the chemical to provide the Naturewood treatment.

Wolmanit® CX is a range of liquid wood preservatives based on copper and organic biocides. These preservatives do not contain chromium or arsenic. They have been used for more than 20 years across continental Europe and the UK. Dr Wolman GmbH has been at the forefront of development of this genus of wood preservative for over 100 years. Wolmanit® CX products are based on copper-hydroxide carbonate and Wolman’s patented active ingredient copperHDO. The products have proven efficacy in Use Classes 1-4 and have a proven track record in various climatic conditions.

High Pressure Treatment to force the preservative deep into the wood structure – protection where it matters. Wood treated in this way is suitable for Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 and UC4 (see table), including fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers.

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Information Packs.

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