Why Pay More for Treated Timber?

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Blog, Savings

Everyone knows that you get the price when you get your products from as close to the source as possible. That’s what trade accounts are all about, right?

So why would you buy your timber pre-treated from the big vendors when you can buy untreated timber and have it treated at Glenavon Timber Treatment for a fraction of the price?

The maths is simple…

Let’s take a single length of 47x47mm sawn carcassing, 2.4m in length.

Let’s say that a typical vendor charges ¬£4.61 for this particular piece of timber, ¬†pressure treated, and ¬£3.62 for the same piece of timber, untreated. That’s a charge of 99p for each length of timber!

To have the same piece of timber treated at Glenavon Timber Treatment would cost you 17p, a saving of 81pence on EVERY length of timber, equivalent to an 82% discount!

For even greater savings, come and talk to us about a trade account, and see if the volume of timber you’re hoping to treat could entitle you to even further discounts.