Why Treat Timber?

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Blog, Timber Specification

From the moment your timber is cut, it is exposed to a number of attacks.

PiquetPesticides_detail_02_transExternally used timber is most seriously affected, being targeted by wood eating insects and fungi alike. For these applications, a “Use Class” of either 3 (for external, above ground) or 4 (external, ground contact) is applied, and normally a Pressure Treatment is required, which drives chemical preservative deep into the wood to protect against these attacks.

Internal timbers are also vulnerable to attack, dampness through leaks in roofs and insects living within a structure can still pose a threat, and for these (normally referred to as Use Class 1 or 2) applications, a Double Vacuum treatment injects chemicals into the wood without pressure, but still provides adequate protection by the use of a different chemical which also has a lessened colouring effect on the wood – usually a light yellow tint as opposed to the green colour seen in Pressure Treated wood.

For more info, check out the Wikipedia page on Wood Preservation.

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Glenavon Timber Treatment can provide you with more information on which treatment process is most suitable for your application, just drop us a line.